My granny has 2 animals. One is a black canine and the various other is a white bunny.

The black pet dog type is a German Shepherd, and its name is Hei Bei. It places 3rd in IQ and also is really smart. After unique training, it can be made use of like a cop’s pet dog.

I was only 2 months old when I brought the little black dog, however, it was currently big, as long as my arms extended. Not also fat, looks very energized. Its back, as well as the head, are black, as well as both little circles over its eyes are khaki.

I don’t recognize why it calls every evening. Oversleeping a corner throughout the day. I gave it something to eat, but it didn’t dare to come out to eat, which made me really feel troubled. When people are not listening, they secretly come out to eat. Maybe this setting is also strange. It might additionally be that she is not used to it after she has actually left her mommy. After all, she is only 2 months old.

A couple of days later, it ended up being familiar with me. The little black dog likes to go laps with me. As soon as I strolled towards the door, it followed me. I walked outside the door, and it likewise went outside. I encountered the area, and also it encountered the field. Basically, where do I go, where does it go. As quickly as I strolled back, it rushed away, however, it competed a while, and after that saw that if I didn’t run, it ran back as well as followed me gradually house.

dog and rabbit
dog and rabbit

He was really loyal. When I clapped my hands, it sat on the ground. I touched its head, patted it gently, and it lay down and also let me touch it as if I was appreciating it.

Sometimes it was disobedient. The other day it reversed a pot of spider plant.

I constantly play with the little black canine. He is my friend. There are lots of people in my granny’s residence, however, the little black canine is closest to me. It recognizes that I love it one of the most.

My sis has a big white rabbit, which allows and fat, as big as a large basketball. It is extremely hoggish, and also the cabbage, radish, as well as turf in its cage, will be eaten tidy by it in a short while.

It is pure white, but the eyes are red. Actually, its eyes are transparent, we see that its eyes are red, that is because the shade of its blood shows through.

My sis is afraid of my little black pet, but she likes her little white bunny very much.

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