The body is short and fat, rounded and round like a fleshy ball, with short legs but no tail. There are different colors on the body, orange, white, and black. Do you understand what they are? They are my pets—- guinea pigs.

I have two guinea pigs, one is called ‘Left Black’ and the various other is called ‘Right Black’. If ‘Left Black’ is as stylish as a woman, ‘Right Black’ must be a white, fat, mischievous youngster. Do not assume they are little, they are the large cravings of the family members. They eat a great deal of grass in a day. When they can not complete eating, they leaned on the grass, with their hands in the hair, with sharp claws, their bodies leaning against the cage, lazily, and shutting their eyes every so often. Listening to people’s footprints, he right away came to be alert, opened his eyes, and also became energetic.

Guinea pig
Guinea pig

‘Left Black’ and ‘Right Black’ often place their faces close together as if thinking about an issue and also stage whisper. Their eyes were linked, taking a look at each other, both of them were chatting gruntingly, from far to the sky and talking about being close in front of me, I quietly considered them and also listened to the wonderful language, as if I had actually also ended up being Test subject, conversation with them.

As soon as they saw me coming, they sniffed me for something delicious, and I was happy to give them great smelling pears.

Do you like my cute guinea pig?

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