One of the newest products on the market to help people quit smoking are nicotine-naive teens, or Vape Pods. I know a few parents who use these to help their teens kick the habit. The fact that it is nicotine-free and has absolutely no chemicals or toxins makes it extremely appealing to teens. Vape Pods are easy to use because there is no need to grind or make anything by yourself, you just pop them in the vaporizer, turn it on and inhale the vapor.

Many teens have really taken to this product. While it’s not an addictive drug like cigarettes, it can be highly addictive. Teens are unaware of the fact that they are actually getting highly addictive nicotine delivered to them through a vaporizer, instead of the normal flavor they would get from a cigarette. These teens are responding to Vape Pods the way teens have always responded to cigarettes, which means they crave and try harder to get a hit.

When the teens realize how addictive it really is, they’ll search for something to replace it. Some will turn to alcohol or drugs, which will definitely work for a while, but ultimately, they come back to smoking. We really want our teens to stop smoking, but sometimes, you can’t force them. With nicotine-naive teens, however, it’s possible to give them a choice about whether or not they want to smoke, which makes for a much better solution.

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