The RELX Pod replacement cartridges are now available from leading online retailers and distributors. The RELX brand of electronic cigarettes was first released in the UK back in 2021 and has become extremely popular with gamers and casual smokers alike. They offer a range of pods that come in a range of flavours and sizes and are an excellent way for beginners to experience the benefits of a quality electronic cigarette.

The new RELX Vape Pod is the latest pre-filled disposable pod to hit the marketplace. In several different offering, ranging from budget minded choices right up to more premium, high performance e-liquids, this brand of e-liquid kit has a lot to offer consumers. These pre-filled pods, just like all other vapor delivery devices, have an atomizer that is built in to the body of the unit. This is where the Vapor Genie inserts come into play as this is the technology that allows the e-liquids to be heated before they are dispensed. This allows users to heat their liquids right before use, thus allowing them to enjoy hot vapours and rich flavors in a safe manner.

relx pod

The vapor that is produced by the RELX Pod is absolutely pure, all natural and tasty. Users are able to select from several different flavours that include fruit, mint, chocolate, vanilla and more. All of the vapors produced by these starter kits are completely nicotine free and have no aftertaste. This means that when a person finishes using the kit, they will not experience any uncomfortable side effects or patches or nicotine cramps that can be experienced when using traditional tobacco or nicotine products. They are also manufactured to last for up to thirty days, which is ample time to explore all of the different tastes and flavours. All of this is made possible through the innovative heating system that is included in every Vapor Genie order.

Vapor Genie also features a unique closed system that is used with the pods in order to provide users with the maximum amount of efficiency. The closed system allows the temperature of the heated liquids to remain constant, so you will always have hot liquids at the end of your session. The patented technology that is used in these Vapor Genie units allows users to experience the utmost in convenience and performance. All that you need to do to ensure that your kit remains effective after purchase is to follow the simple instructions that are provided with the unit.

Vapor Genie also offers a variety of different starter kits that offer different levels of power and voltage. The first kit that is available from Relx is the Vapor Shield, which is a low voltage starter kit that offers limited power and a low voltage output. The second kit that is available from Relx is the VaporFi Kit, which is the highest rated of the Vapor Genie starter kits, and offers higher voltages and more power than the Shield. Finally, the third kit that is available from Relx is the Vaporizer Plus, which offers even more power and better quality than the Vapor Shield.

In addition to all of these amazing kits, Relx offers a large selection of high quality and highly consumable pre-made cartridges for use with their vaporisers. When it comes to picking out a specific flavour for your Vapor Genie cartridge, it is recommended that you choose your favourite flavours from these three flavours in order to save yourself money. The VaporFi flavours are perfect for people who enjoy drinking mint flavours of coffee and tea, while the Mint Supreme will be perfect for those people that enjoy drinking various types of sweets. Whatever you are looking for, Relx has a kit just for you!

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